Shotgun Extension Tube

Shotgun Extension Tube

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Applying our experience in carbon-fiber product design and lightweight component development, we’ve created the Lancer Carbon-Fiber Shotgun Extension Tubes (LSX). The LSX is designed to attach to existing shotgun magazine tubes to provide added capacity to the shotgun. We’ve combined precision machined aluminum components with an advanced carbon-fiber tube to yield a lightweight, durable extension to your shotgun.


We developed a unique Shotgun Extension Clamp for use with the LSX. We’ve combined precision aluminum clamping pieces with a high temperature silicone foam to ensure a slip free connection with the carbon-fiber tube and shotgun barrel.


  • Available for select 12 GA shotguns.
  • Precision machined aluminum mounting nut and end cap are anodized and bonded to carbon-fiber tube.
  • Adds 2 to 8 extra rounds to your shotgun’s magazine tube.
  • An Extra-long spring is provided. The spring will need to be cut to length.
  • A Shotgun Extension Clamp is available with or without a Picatinny Rail.



  • Made from high strength anodized aluminum.
  • High temperature silicone foam gripping pads are provided to be sure the clamp stays in place.
  • Available with or without Picatinny rail. The rail can be used for accessories or mounting a sling attachment.
  • Designed for the LSX carbon-fiber tube.
  • Extension clamps are recommended for extension tubes that extend beyond the end of the barrel. They are also recommended for Remington applications due to the shallow threading on the Remington magazine tubes.

SELECTING THE LSX – There are two basic methods of selecting your LSX: total length and total capacity.

  • Total Length – If you want to increase the capacity of your shotgun but don’t want the extension tube to extend beyond past the muzzle. Measure from the front of the shotguns handguard to the end of the muzzle, this will give you the maximum length of the extension tube. Use the table to select the appropriate part number.
  • Total Capacity – The table provided has the optimal capacity, though capacity could vary due to final spring length.


Warranty: All Lancer Systems Shotgun Accessories are 100% warranted against manufacturer’s defects. Defective handguards will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Lancer Systems. Unauthorized modifications or deliberate abuse will void warranty.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: These parts are a United States Munitions List (USML) item, Section 121.1, Category I(h) and is subject to ITAR requirements that can be found in Subchapter M, Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120 through 130 (22CFR 120-130). A license from the US Department of State is required to Export these products.