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L15 Receivers and Rifles

The L15 receiver offers versatility not available in any other receiver. Unique features include: our patented changeable magazine well extensions, ambidextrous bolt release and oversized magazine release button. The three different sized magazine well extensions allows for rapid customization for a specific mission, trip to the range or 3 gun match.

Lancer L15 Modern Sporting Rifles, built around the L15 Receiver and Carbon-Fiber Handguard, are high quality, custom built rifles for a variety of modern sporting applications. The Lancer MSRs are available in 3 basic configurations; Sporter, Competition and Sharp Shooter.

L15 Receivers


L15 Modern Sporting Rifles


EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: These parts are a United States Munitions List (USML) item, Section 121.1, Category I(g) and is subject to ITAR requirements that can be found in Subchapter M, Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120 through 130 (22CFR 120-130). A license from the US Department of State is required to Export these products.