Small Arms

Small Arms

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Lancer’s focus in the small arms industry is in the development and application of advanced lightweight materials and innovative products that decrease weapon system weight and increase warfighter efficiency. Our capabilities are reflected in the products we’ve developed and currently manufacture under the Lancer brand. We also provide our materials and manufacturing expertise to OEM’s in the small arms industry.

Lancer currently manufacturers; Magazines, Carbon Fiber Handguards and accessories, L15 Lower Receivers, Assault Rifles, as well as a number of OEM products.

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Lancer’s production capabilities are a unique blend of in-house manufacturing capacity combined with a world-class logistics and supply chain that enables us to provide the best design/material solution for a given application. Lancer’s facility has a Type-07 Federal Firearms License as well as an SOT allowing us to manufacture firearms as well as NFA items. Lancer designs, develops and tests all of our products in-house.


Lancer’s in-house engineering services, such as 3D modeling and our FEA expertise, provide for our customers a precise and accurate fit of all components and hardware, with the performance to match. This technical capacity combined with our solid supply chain enables us to provide customers with a variety of production-process alternatives.

Warranty: All Lancer Systems Small Arms products are 100% warranted against manufacturer’s defects. Defective magazines will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Lancer Systems. Unauthorized modifications or deliberate abuse will void warranty.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: These parts are a United States Munitions List (USML) item, Section 121.1, Category I(h) & (g) and is subject to ITAR requirements that can be found in Subchapter M, Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120 through 130 (22CFR 120-130). A license from the US Department of State is required to Export these products.